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The Rochester Engineering Sound Library

The specialist off-line library of recordings at Rochester Engineering spans over 70 years of mostly choral classical music in Australia. The performances fall into several distinct groups:

The Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Society

Melbourne University Choral Society

Monash University Choral Society

Queensland University Music Society

Sydney University Musical Society

Tasmanian University Musical Society

Box Hill Chorale

Heidelberg Choral Society

Australian Children's Choir

Australian Catholic University Choir

Australian Intervarsity Festivals (View and Download Directory)

Restored piano recordings by Rex Hobcroft

Restored recordings associated with Colin Brumby

Restored works conducted by Georg Tintner

Restored works associated with Professor George Loughlin

The total concert duration of these groups is about 600 hours of recording time, and approaching 10,000 tracks or files.

Depending on individual client needs, and subject to appropriate licences, files can be downloaded from this page. Please email requests to (send email) rod-reynolds@outlook.com