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RECORDING AND PRODUCTION SERVICES: Rochester Engineering offers a complete recording and media production service centred in Melbourne but available throughout Australia. Modern technology allows exceptional performance using highly portable equipment in the field.

High performance portable multichannel computer-based systems allow quality images of a performance that can be post-concert mixed and edited using the latest software to produce the very best quality audio on CD, DVD and on USB sticks (thumb drives) or for internet distribution. For the simplest field work, dedicated multi-track recorders allow digital recording to memory cards that are edited using the same high-end workstations post-concert. Quality artwork for the face of the CD and for the paper parts in the CD case can be prepared from your concepts and data - all in full colour. HTML-based index files can be added to USB keya and to websites to facilitate finding specific tracks.

No quantity numbers are too small or too big. Individual archive copies are produced using CD-R processes while volumes over about 250 copies are produced using Glass Masters - usually produced in Australia. The service includes AMCOS and related licensing where necesary to meet Australian and International mechanical copyright Laws.

THE EQUIPMENT & OPERATOR: Today the only valid approach is digital, with nearly everything happening on portable and network based audio computers, and new-generation multitrack recorders. Multitrack Cubase SX software, MOTU acquisition units, condenser microphones, and of course all the necessary cables stands etc are available to cope with any venue in Australia. Rochester Engineering has recorded at the major Performnig Arts Centres, City Halls and Town Halls in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart and many of Australia's major Cathedrals, and of course many of the respected recital venues.

Production back in Melbourne is facilitated by CD printers and burners, graphics workstations, and for the smaller runs, colour laser printers. Rochester Engineering has useful arrangements with production houses for mass production and new digital processes giving high gloss commercial quality and economy down to very small volumes, without the problems of inkjets and lasers.

Rod Reynolds has been in the business of recording for more than 50 years in broadcasting as well as specialist work in classical music concerts, and was a pioneer in some areas of the technology. He is a Chartered Engineer, registered in the UK and has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Science and Engineering. He is a musician having performed as a violinist in orchestras and is a singer with international experience on stage in opera, oratorio and Lieder.

He has produced many recordings and restorations of old technology items - something like 400 CD titles since he started counting a couple of decades ago. The equipment store contains an exceptional range of tape and disc recorders and playback gear to deal with all audio formats back to the beginning of the art. Customers range from individuals to international recording companies. Rod is also active in several organisations in Australia in senior positions in Arts administration and archive management.

Contact Rod by email (send email) at rod-reynolds@outlook.com